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  • The tradition of Gifts in Japan
    24 December 2019
    On the day when the birth of Jesus is celebrated, the exchange of gifts, which has always been an important cultural custom in Japan, is in common use, even outside the Christian religion.
  • Samurai 8
    12 December 2019
    After the worldwide success of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto returns and, with the drawings of Akira Okubo, presents a story of samurai in which tradition and science fiction mix together following his typical style.
  • Alita: Battle Angel
    24 October 2019
    After long years of waiting here is the cinematographic transposition strongly desired by James Cameron of the popular Yukito Kishiro manga of 1990.
  • Violet Evergarden
    10 September 2019
    Among the masterpieces of Kyoto Animation the story of a woman soldier who, after the end of war, accepts to write letters for others in search of herself and her past.
  • Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac
    08 August 2019
    The Netflix remake of the historical series of the Knights of the Zodiac includes graphic restyle, plot changes, and new characters.
  • Uchuu no Stellvia
    20 July 2019
    On the 50th anniversary of the man's landing on the moon, the analysis of one of the most beautiful science fiction series in recent years: the adventures of Shima on the Stellvia space station.
  • Black Lagoon
    19 June 2019
    In September the famous Rei Hiroe manga will be back with the adventures of the outlandish Lagoon Company, the mercenary group that works in Ruanapur town.
  • Japan: the Reiwa era begins
    30 April 2019
    On the 1st of May the new imperial era of Naruhito will begin, let’s discover how the historical role of the emperor is settled in modern Japan.
  • A Silent Voice
    28 March 2019
    Disability, loneliness and friendship are the main themes of the touching manga by Yoshiyoki Oima, recently transposed to the cinema in the feature film entitled "The Shape of the Voice".
  • I want to eat your pancreas
    13 February 2019
    The cinematic debut of Shinichiro Ushijima based on the best seller of Yoru Sumino, the moving story of a teenage girl marked by the disease who decides to live her last days in a carefree mood with an introvert classmate.
  • Duets: when Italian pop & animation reunite
    22 January 2019
    The Duets experience ends with the publication of the second volume, a collection of the best cartoon songs of Cristina D'Avena, presented in a duet with the greatest Italian artists.
  • Christmas in Tokyo
    24 December 2018
    In one of the most important occurrences of the Christian religion let’s see how the Christmas in Japan is spent between western influences and historical festivities.
  • My Hero Academia
    19 November 2018
    A review on the Academy of heroes, one the best contemporary mainstream shonen, recently landed on Italian television in Mediaset channels.
  • Code Geass
    04 October 2018
    An overview of the cult series from the end of the last decade which, as announced during the 10th anniversary, will return to cinema and TV in early 2019.
  • Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory
    01 August 2018
    As promised by the author Shoji Gatou, after years of waiting, here arrives the Final Season of the adventures of Sousuke and Kaname from one of the longest light novel series of all time.
  • Unemployement & Cyber Homeless
    27 June 2018
    A social phenomenon coming from the Japanese precariousness that thanks to new social envirnoments becomes a very particular lifestyle.
  • Your Name
    08 June 2018
    With the new box office record in japanese cinemas and the recognition by world critic, an analysis of the latest work by the director Makoto Shinkai.
  • Gunslinger Girl, a taste of Italy with guns & girls
    22 May 2018
    Set in an alternative Italy plagued by terrorist attacks, a dramatic story of young girls rescued from abuse and reused in a special police department.
  • Anime & Internet, the new media broadcasting
    20 April 2018
    In the last decade online broadcast has changed worldwide with new technologies, even the Japanese Anime have now Simulcast which have deep impact on international fansub.
  • Trick Or Treat: ReAnimated
    31 March 2018
    A great reinterpretation, in metal style, of the Italian Anime songs with a compilation full of guests.
  • It's time for HinaWorld UQ!
    03 March 2018
    The site turns off the 15 candles and is renewed with improved graphics, mobile responsive, and some news for the future.
  • The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess
    16 February 2018
    The new adventures of Link comes back in a must-have serie for all Zelda’s fans!
  • Platinum End
    16 January 2018
    From Death Note's author a new manga about angels and superpowers!
  • Thanks to Seiji Yokohama
    12 July 2017
    A farewell to a great artist became famous for the Saint Seiya OST (The Knights of Zodiac).
  • Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold
    15 February 2016
    Knights of Zodiac comes back with a new series for 40th Anniversary!
  • The End of Evangelion
    28 November 2014
    The Evangelion manga ends, the history's Sadamoto personal point of view.
  • Amagi Brilliant Park
    27 October 2014
    From the same Full Metal Panic Author, Amagi: a foolish Luna Park!
  • Princess Mononoke
    14 May 2014
    Back in the cinemas a new edition of the Hayao Miyazaki's masterpiece.
  • Nadia and The Secret of Blue Water
    02 December 2013
    The first masterpiece of Hideaki Anno, between legends and literature best seller.
  • Sousei no Gargantia
    26 June 2013
    On the genre of WaterWorld a TV series of rapid impact and "used guaranteed" with many quotes and analogies of other works already famous.
  • Elfen Lied
    09 January 2013
    A seinen with strong emotional content for a hybrid story between daylife and moments of violence and splatter.
  • Shingetsutan Tsukihime, the Lunar Princess
    24 September 2012
    From the homonymous Visual Novel a story mixed with vampires, fantasy and splatter that will not fail to enthrall fans of the genre.
  • Rinne, ghosts and feelings
    28 June 2012
    From the pencil of the indefatigable Rumiko Takahashi, the nice story of a ghost hunter in the usual style of the mangaka.
  • Manga, the digital era is rising
    18 May 2012
    The born of Panini Digits opens in Italy the era of digital manga and comics.
  • Papa no iukoto wo kikinasai!
    28 March 2012
    From the eponymous novel arrives the TV series of Papa No Iukoto, a simple comedy that deals with important topic like adoption and orphans.
  • And then Negima ends...
    29 February 2012
    Ken Akamatsu announces the end of adventures of child mage lasting almost a decade that will end with the 38th takobon.
  • Onegai? No... Natsu Matteru!
    25 January 2012
    From the same authors of the successful series of Onegai Teacher and Twins a new Anime of atmospheres very close to the two previous successes.
  • Merry Christmas with Always My Santa!
    25 December 2011
    In perfect timing with Christmas it comes the transposition Anime of Always My Santa, one of the first short stories by Ken Akamatsu.
  • Hatsune Miku, the music of the future comes from Japan?
    07 December 2011
    The Vocaloid phenomenon, between mass culture and new applications of digital music.
  • Karin, a weird story about vampires
    23 September 2011
    The original and engaging story of Karin, a "reverse" vampire!
  • Shangri-la, the rebellion of nature
    20 July 2011
    In a future setting where the nature is back to dominate humanity take places Kuniko's story, a mix between modern age and ancient japanase legends.
  • Kenji Kawai and Progressive Soundtracks
    08 June 2011
    A beautiful and successful experiment from a famous composer of a Progressive Rock sountrack.
  • Hanasaku Iroha, a new Love Hina?
    06 May 2011
    A modern Cinerella story in a new animated series which has simillaties with the famous Ken Akamatsu's work.
  • Anedoki, an unpredictable maid
    14 April 2011
    For the Kawashita's fans a new stories of only three takobon but more "spicy" than the past!
  • Japan: between tsunamis and quakes
    16 March 2011
    After the tragic Fukushima's days we give a look on how japanese people live and manage this terrific natural events.
  • J-POP, an understimated music world
    02 March 2011
    A voyage in Japanese music, strictly connected to Animes but unknown in the rest of the world.
  • Full Metal Panic, the long awaited final
    24 January 2011
    After 12 years between novel, tv series and manga, the story of Sosuke and Kaname comes to a spectacular ending.
  • Rebuild of Evangelion, the new theatrical edition
    20 December 2010
    The final version of Evangelion from the director Hideaki Anno, it will the movies give us all the answers we are waiting for?
  • Maison Ikkoku, a timeless love story
    01 December 2010
    One of the most famous manga love story which take places into Japan Eighties.
  • Lucca Comics 2010: feelings & impressions
    02 November 2010
    A tour in the most important Italian Comicon in the new location in the streets of the city.
  • 25 candles for Super Mario!
    01 October 2010
    The most famous plumber celebrate his 30th anniversary between games, comics, tv series and the chapters of the saga.
  • HighSchool of the Dead
    03 September 2010
    Ispired from the american comics The Walking Dead the Zombie's Apocalipse in a japanese way!
  • Angel Beats: battle in the afterlife
    29 July 2010
    A new Anime created by Jun Maeda, the talentuos writer, based on a very original and interesting story.
  • The Legend of Zelda on manga
    01 July 2010
    From the awesome videogames serie arrives the comic version of Zelda and Link.
  • Anime streaming, a future economic resource?
    04 June 2010
    The new frontier of the Anime broadcastin is the online streaming. Is this the future of animation?
  • Location Hunting, the new otaku’s frontier
    03 May 2010
    The research of the real place where the anime stories take place is causing some problems: it's an important resource or only a nuisance?
  • Is the quality of Anime going down?
    01 April 2010
    Some considerations about the quality of japanese animation of the last years.
  • Seven years togheter
    03 March 2010
    The story of website during from the origins to the recent past in a taste of amarcord.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima - Mou Hitotsu no Sekai
    10 February 2010
    The new OAD of Negima series comes after the poor Ala Alba trilogy, it will be better?
  • HinaWorld 6.0 is online!
    01 January 2010
    A new site version now with full implementation of English language!
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